Melodious Supported Living Ltd recognizes that prospective tenants should have the opportunity to choose a home, which suits their needs. To facilitate that choice, we do the following:

> Provide detailed information on the service by publishing a tenant / service user guide.

> Give each tenant a Tenancy Agreement specifying the terms of his or her tenancy.

> Ensure that every prospective tenant has his or her needs thoroughly assessed before a decision on admission is taken.

> Demonstrate to every person about to be offered a tenancy that we are confident we can meet his or her needs as assessed.

> Offer introductory visits to prospective tenants and avoid unplanned admissions except in cases of emergency.

The physical environment of each property is designed for the tenants’ convenience and comfort:

> The buildings and grounds are maintained in a safe condition.

> Toilet, washing and bathing facilities are suitable for all tenants.

> Any specialist equipment for individuals is identified and actioned.

> Tenants have safe, comfortable bedrooms with their own possessions around them.

> The premises are kept clean, hygienic and free from unpleasant odours, with systems in place to control the spread of infection.

> Individual tenants take responsibility for their own bedroom with the appropriate support.

Tenant's Responsibilities

Tenants are responsible for the cleaning of their own bedrooms with appropriate support. Staff will undertake a weekly health and safety check with each tenant of their bedroom and any other private areas on a minimum of a weekly basis as agreed in their support plan.

For communal areas such as kitchens and shared bathrooms, all people in that property will share the cleaning. A rota for these cleaning tasks is agreed with the tenants via Tenant’s Meetings and 1:1 session.

It is the tenant’s responsibility (with appropriate input from the staff team) to ensure that they complete any tasks given to them. Tenants are also responsible for washing and ironing their own clothes. Staff support is available if needed.

Tenants are responsible, with appropriate staff support, for their own shopping and cooking. Usually on a weekly basis, tenants will decide what meals they would like for that week and produce a shopping list for this. Tenants will then visit local shops to purchase the items they need.

Melodious Supported Living will provide one free light meal a day as part of the support package to tenant who wishes to take opportunity of this service.

To ensure the safety and comfort of all of our tenants, we have created and agreed with them a set of house rules for each of the properties. Tenants are responsible for complying with these rules.

Tenants are made aware on admission that they should report any maintenance issues to the staff team as soon as possible. Staff will then follow Melodious Supported Living Ltd maintenance procedure.

General wear and tear of communal areas is the responsibility of Melodious House. However, tenants are responsible to pay for any damage or breakages that have been caused by them. This is a condition of their tenancy agreement.

Tenants must take responsibility for the safety and security of themselves, their belongings, their home and other tenants, ensuring that the doors to their own rooms are secured when left unattended and the external doors are properly secured when leaving or entering the property.