Our objective is to give an individual plan of support (by trained and competent staff) that has been agreed with the tenant. By working with them to promote independence (with access to community services) by treating them with dignity and respect. It is not all about us by the way, because we’ll encourage the tenants to be involved in developing the service. Trained and competent staff provide the support.

Who are our Tenants?

Melodious Supported Living is designed for adults with a mental health diagnosis and / or a mild learning disability. The age range of people who can access our service is 18 years and over. Our service is available to people from all over the UK.

Choice of Opportunity

Enabling tenants to manage their own time and not be dictated to by set communal timetable and routines

Respecting and treating all tenants as individuals

Retaining maximum flexibility in the routines of daily life at the properties

Tenants are encouraged to personalize their bedrooms

The Referral Process

The referral process begins with an enquiry, by telephone, email or letter.

The service will then ask for relevant PEN Portrait and a referral form to be completed giving brief information about the potential tenant and their support needs. A professional from the multi-disciplinary team can complete this form.

A provisional review of this information is then undertaken to assess whether they service can potentially meet the needs of the individual being referred. If the service feels they can meet the person’s needs, a full assessment will then be arranged with the potential tenant and their care team.

The Assessment Process

At this assessment, the following aspects of the service will be discussed with the tenant:

> Current support needs

> Identified areas of risk

> What things are important to them as an individual?

> What they are seeking from the service

> Proposed plan of care to be offered by the service

Admission Process

If the outcome of the assessment is that the service can meet the needs of the potential tenant, they will then be invited to visit the property. This will give them the opportunity to look around, meet other tenants of the property and ask questions or seek clarification about anything they are unsure of.

If the potential tenant likes the service, there is an appropriate vacancy for them and funding for their placement has been approved, a transition plan is then agreed with the individual and others involved in their care. If there are no concerns from the tenant or the service during this transition period, an admission date into the tenancy is then agreed.

In the case of emergency admission requests, an initial assessment will be completed within 2 working days of referral. If the service can offer a suitable placement, and funding is confirmed, Melodious Supported Living Ltd will inform the new tenant of all-key aspects, procedures and routines of the property within two days of admission.

Prior to admission, a review plan will be agreed with the potential tenant and their care team and contingency plan confirmed as to what actions will be taken if the placement becomes unsustainable. The placement will be formally reviewed in the sixth week and a decision made on whether support can be continued.

How we assess the Tenant's needs

A full assessment of needs is undertaken on each potential tenant referred to the service. This assessment covers the range of health and social needs set out in the Department of Health guidance. This assessment is then reviewed and updated on admission.

During the first six weeks of the placement, the tenant’s assigned key worker will complete, with the tenant and those involved in their care, a detailed and coherent risk assessment and an individual support package based on their most current assessment of needs. All information is treated as confidential and discussed with the service manager to ensure that the service can continue to manage the identified risks and meet the tenant’s needs.

Further Information

Where appropriate, making sure that tenants exercise their right to vote in elections and to make themselves aware of the democratic process

Making sure that tenants have full and equal access to all parts of the NHS and other related services

Supporting tenants to claim all appropriate welfare benefits and social services

Supporting tenants to access public services, such as libraries and education services

Supporting tenants to undertake voluntary work if they so wish

Supporting tenants to find appropriate employment

Ensuring the service complies with the Human Rights Act 1998

Melodious Supported Living aims to help our tenants develop the skills, on an individual basis, that they need to live more independently, and integrate into the local community.

The ways in which we support tenants may include providing advice, prompting or assistance with:

  • Correspondence related to their tenancy
  • Budgeting, paying household bills, and claiming appropriate benefits
  • Meal planning, shopping and cooking
  • Domestic upkeep of their tenancy
  • Maintaining the security and safety of the property
  • Opportunities for employment or voluntary work
  • Opportunities for education and leisure
  • Registering with GP and dentist or their choice, and maintaining links with appropriate healthcare services
  • Taking any prescribed medication
  • Responding to their chaining needs in liaison with other agencies involved in their support and care ie CMHT etc.
  • Maintaining / developing community links and relationships

Melodious Supported Living  ensures that information we hold about tenants is kept confidential at all times in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (The Data Protection Act 2018 is the UK’s implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)) . There are exceptions to this rule in extreme cases where personal data relating to a tenant’s mental and / or physical health could be passed on without explicit consent if this is deemed necessary to protect the vital interests of the tenant and / or the safety of others.

We preserve the right for our tenants’ dignity in the following ways:

  • Treating each tenant as a valued individual
  • Supporting tenants to present themselves to others as they wish through their personal appearance and social interactions
  • Offering access to a range of activities that enable tenants to express themselves as unique individuals
  • Tackling any discrimination tenants may face.

Melodious Supported Living abides by equal opportunities legislation and company policy, and does not discriminate in any way on the basis of race, religions, gender, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or age in relation to staff and tenants / service users. A copy of Melodious Supported Living Ltd, current Equal Opportunities Policy is available on request from the Manager.

Melodious Supported Living understands that tenants come into our service from a variety of settings, and believes that it is important to encourage our tenants to take advantage of the opportunities on offer to them in the community. This is done by:

  • Encouraging, enabling and empowering our tenants to lead as much of an independent lifestyle as possible
  • Supporting our tenants to maintain contact with their friends and family
  • Encouraging tenants to have access to, and contribute to the records of their own support package, such as their review meeting reports
  • Holding regular house meetings so that all aspects of the day-to-day running of the properties are discussed with the tenants

Melodious Supported Living  recognizes that life in a communal setting and the need to accept assistance with personal tasks are inherently invasive of an individual’s privacy. We therefore aim to retain as much of the individual’s privacy as possible in the following ways:

  • Giving assistance in intimate situations as discreetly as possible
  • Supporting tenants to personalise their private living space
  • Offering a range of communal areas around the properties for tenants to be alone or with selected others
  • Providing locks on bedroom doors, for which tenants have their own key
  • Ensuring that all staff adheres to the service’s policy on entering tenant’s bedrooms

Melodious Supported Living provides an environment that is supportive and responds to the need to safeguard our tenants in the following ways:

  • Supporting and assisting tenants when doing tasks that have risk attached, such as cooking.
  • Protecting tenants, wherever practicable, from all forms of abuse and from all possible abusers.
  • Ensuring that tenants and staff are aware of the procedure to make a complaint or raise a concern about any aspect of the service or the environment
  • Ensuring that the atmosphere in our properties is open and positive and inclusive
  • Ensuring that all visitors sign in and out of the building and restricting access to tenant’s rooms without prior consent of the service manager, for example for tasks such as routine maintenance.

In order to deliver a high quality of service, the  Manager and Operational Director of the service carry out monthly audits. These audits include:

  • Care Files
  • Medication
  • Complaints
  • Tenant’s Meeting
  • Team Meetings
  • Staff supervision
  • Finance
  • Health and Safety.
  • Infection Control.

Where possible, we involve tenants in the decision-making process that affects the service we provide them. Each supported living property has its own monthly tenants meeting where all tenants have the opportunity to make staff aware of their feelings, viewpoints and ideas. Tenants are supported to use external advocacy services.

Team meetings for the staff team take place on a monthly basis, as do individual supervision session for each team member, giving staff the opportunity to voice their opinions and feedback to the Manager about the service being offered. The company conducts annual surveys for both staff and tenants.

All tenants and those involved in their care are made aware of the service’s complains policy, and are encouraged to offer feedback through individual reviews and family forums. All staff undertake regular training which includes a minimum of:

  • Safeguarding Adults
  • Fire Awareness
  • Health and Safety
  • Moving and Handling
  • Food hygiene awareness
  • Infection Control
  • First aid
  • Ethnicity and Diversity
  • Mental Health Act awareness
  • Medication awareness
  • Care Certificate

Melodious Supported Living  recognizes that risk taking is a vital and often enjoyable part of life and of social activity and that some tenants will wish to take certain risks.

We therefore do not aim to provide a totally risk free environment. However, we do as far as practicable; ensure that tenants are not subjected to any unnecessary hazards. If a tenant wishes to be included and take part in an activity that involves risk, Melodious Supported Living will ensure that the tenant has information available to them, in a format they understand, in order that they can make informed decisions about the risk, and carry out a thorough risk assessment with the individual.

Such risk assessments will be regularly reviewed, with the participation of all parties, in the light of experience.

Within the first six weeks of admission, each new tenant has a full risk assessment completed by his or her key worker. This risk assessment will then be updated at a minimum of every four weeks, if new risks are identified, or if there is a change in any of their existing risk factors.

For each area of need identified for an individual tenant, a support plan is produced by the key worker and tenant, setting out specific objectives in the identified area and how the tenant hopes to achieve these (using both internal and external resources). This support plan will incorporate the control measures identified through their risk management plan in any related risk areas. All support plans are reviewed during key worker 1:1 sessions, and updated as appropriate on a minimum basis of 4 weekly, or more frequently if needs change.

Each tenant has a copy of their support plans and is encouraged to participate as fully as individually possible in the planning process. A tenant, or their representative can request a review at any time they feel their support plan is not appropriate.

All tenants are encouraged and supported, if they wish, to maintain contact with their families and friends, but can choose whom to see, when and where. If a tenant wishes to be represented in any dealing with the service by a nominated friend, relative, professional person or advocate, Melodious Supported Living will respect their wishes and facilitate this.

Melodious Supported Living Ltd complies with The Health & Social Care Act 2008 in relation to recruitment practice and aims to provide suitably qualified and competent staff in all areas of its operations.


All employees undergo continuous mandatory and service specific training to ensure we continue to deliver a high quality service. All new employees receive full mandatory training via the company’s induction programme.

All support workers have achieved, or are working towards an appropriate NVQ qualification.

Training needs are reviewed regularly during bi – monthly supervision sessions, and annual appraisals reflect on both the individual learning goals and the needs of the service.

All of our tenants are provided with a Tenancy Agreement, which includes information such as:

  • Description of the
  • Breakdown of applicable
  • Obligations of the
  • Obligations of the landlord


Information regarding the service, and tenant’s rights and expectations is provided to the tenant and those involved in their care by the Tenant / Service User Guide.         

Our aim is to provide a high quality service and ensure that our tenants receive the best possible support. There is no need for anyone to offer gifts, tips or gratitude and gifts made to individuals cannot be accepted. Further information can be found in our Gifts Policy.